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OX-CART  is New Town Farms’ farmstead pizza brand, and a joyful collaboration and pursuit between Farmer Sammy and his son-in-law Chef Matthew Hoang.  Our mobile, Italian made, wood fired pizza oven can be part of your special event on the farm.  Our Pizzas are a reflection of the garden and present the beauty of each season.


OX-CART is a reference to my favorite children’s book, “The Ox-cart Man” by Donald Hall written in 1979.  The story embodies a way of life of a bygone local food systems. The ox-cart is how many small farmers transported their products to local markets and the story presents an appropriately scaled, local, pre-industrial food system, the spirit of which is relevant today as we aspire to transform our current  one. The ox-cart is symbolic of a local, sustainable food system that is appropriately scaled to the natural systems in which we actually live- and can’t live without.  The name reflects our belief that better stewardship of our land, a healthier way of life, and more wholesome communities are possible as we head away from corporate, centralized agriculture toward local food systems with many more farms and farmers in and around our towns and cities providing for their sustenance and caring for the land



Pizza has long been a culinary fascination for me. I have traveled, waited in lines for hours, and have been a amateur student of pizza baking.  Matt is part italian and was weened on good pizza in his hometown of Philadelphia Pa.,  and recently held an executive chef position at a pizza focused Italian restaurant in Charlotte.  We have cooked, traveled, tasted pizza together and continue honing the craft.  We will always be on a joyful journey with this one.

Farmstead pizza is the perfect culinary canvas to reflect and deliver the seasonality of a farm. The pizzas are constantly changing as the seasons and the gardens change.  Oxcart is a hyper local pizza that focuses on ingredients harvested on the farm that day, or produced from the animals we raise.  We have even gathered the yeasts for our sourdough starter from the microbiome of the farm.

Lastly, Pizza is an approachable, affordable food to enjoy on the farm together. And we hope to have the opportunity to do that with you soon. Check the calendar for our pizza nights on the farm or contact us to schedule your own private farmstead pizza party.

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